Remote migrating is bad

Turns out, nowadays everybody loves remote working.

We should be aware of the risk that also immigrants would ask this kind of benefit.

No, we need them here, doing those jobs we hate.


Bitcoin a store of nonsense

Experts say Bitcoin is not meant to be used as a digital currency, but rather as a "store of value". What a tomfoolery is this. You see, the value is in buying and trading, not in the mere retaining of any store of whatsoever value. The only thing retaining value is faith. There is something special, though, in cryptos: their value is totally based on the trust of people, and any trust you place in money is good per se. Hence, the only good crypto is the one you can use as a digital currency. Yes, it's this simple. 


Increase your customers, decrease people's skills

AI is good for expanding your customer base.

Want an example? Get AI applied to photography: today you still have that bunch of purist photographers who can laugh at photos taken with smartphones. But if you want to sell a photography software or service, would you rather have the small group of purists as buyers, or the unskilled millions with the smartphone in their pocket?

So it's time to use AI to allow millions of people to radically alter their photos, and even add fake content to them, so that the photos look decent or even good. Replace the sky, clean up the backgrounds, flatten the bellies, add flying birds, make eyes brighter, add sun rays, improve the overall composition, and so on, all with a single button: millions of people, without any effort or skill will believe they can take presentable or even special photos. It's this crowd that will make you rich, not the purist bunch. Please don't forget that this way all the pictures will tend to look the same, but people still want to feel like they're unique, even as fake photographers. So you will carefully sell different packets of different prices in different times.

Yes, yes, we know: some will complain that the arts will gradually disappear, because few people will pay professional artists anymore. You have to answer that actually you are helping humanity to rise up, that you are expanding the skills of men, that you are freeing them by making them more powerful and good at doing more sh*t in less time.

Well... so powerful that if the internet doesn't work, they can't even tie their own shoes, and they lose any operational autonomy, lol. There lies a special opportunity: when experts and artisans are less and less, then you have the world by the balls, because everyone depends on your services to get the job done.

The real economy is too imperfect: the artificial one will show its superiority.


Meta neuromarketing in schools

Ok, so you are a neuromarketer and your goal is forging bonds that turn the buyer into a brand advocate, by producing forms of subconscious, emotional impact.

But you silly, ineducated, greedy marketers can't give a shit about the consequences of your actions, even when a greater good is at stake. The point is, if you play dirty in those deeper layers of the mind and miss your target, you end up endangering the faith in Consumerism, and this is very bad.

Education is the answer. A meta-neuromarketing has to be a job for schools, to grow true consumerism advocates, rather than "single brand" advocates. Bring the competition on lower levels, don't mess with the Holy, so that if a single brand fails, the faith stays untouched.


When AI AIN't good

Yeah, sometimes AI ain't good: when it's application causes lots of job losses, it means less people will become customers, less of them able to spend their lives buying stuff.

Let's sabotage machine learning then. Start by reverse-tagging the stuff you publish online. A temporary chaos is still better than a deserted mall.


iPump for Apple iCar: success is selling a key to unlock it

A timeless trick: if cool people use X and I use X too, I'm part of their circle.

That's why that circle's borders need to be protected, with shit like Apple's Thunderstorm". And that's why, when the iCar will be around, you'll probably need an iPump for it.

Unfortunately Euro-dumbasses are forcing vendors to adopt a standard mobile charger.


Fight free for a wealthy Christmas

Christmas is near. In the following video I want you to face one of the possible consequencies of living a Christmas in economic recession: becoming like these bonobos.
The less you can feed, the more you share because fighting wastes precious energy: so they share, because they're kept captive and with a prearranged amount of food. But when you're free and dream of living in wealth, then you fight for more.

God bless freedom. Now choose you side.