Meta neuromarketing in schools

Ok, so you are a neuromarketer and your goal is forging bonds that turn the buyer into a brand advocate, by producing forms of subconscious, emotional impact.

But you silly, ineducated, greedy marketers can't give a shit about the consequences of your actions, even when a greater good is at stake. The point is, if you play dirty in those deeper layers of the mind and miss your target, you end up endangering the faith in Consumerism, and this is very bad.

Education is the answer. A meta-neuromarketing has to be a job for schools, to grow true consumerism advocates, rather than "single brand" advocates. Bring the competition on lower levels, don't mess with the Holy, so that if a single brand fails, the faith stays untouched.


AI AIN't good

yeah, AI AIN't good: too many jobs are going to evaporate because of Artificial Intelligence, it's a matter of fact. Less jobs means less people spending their lives for buying stuff.

Let's sabotage machine learning then, so that AI can't be. Start by reverse-tagging anything you publish online. Chaos is still better than a deserted mall.


iPump for Apple iCar: success is selling a key to unlock it

A timeless trick: if cool people use X and I use X too, I'm part of their circle.

That's why that circle's borders need to be protected, with shit like Apple's Thunderstorm". And that's why, when the iCar will be around, you'll probably need an iPump for it.

Unfortunately Euro-dumbasses are forcing vendors to adopt a standard mobile charger.


Fight free for a wealthy Christmas

Christmas is near. In the following video I want you to face one of the possible consequencies of living a Christmas in economic recession: becoming like these bonobos.
The less you can feed, the more you share because fighting wastes precious energy: so they share, because they're kept captive and with a prearranged amount of food. But when you're free and dream of living in wealth, then you fight for more.

God bless freedom. Now choose you side.


Of dreaming together, or calling a cave our home

The only way to do great work is to love what you do
said Steve Jobs.

But to make this true, you first need to understand whether what you love has a good value on the market, or it can't become your job. And if it hasn't, your first goal will be to induce a particular need in people, so that later you can satisfy it by selling them that "something" you love doing.

In this process, someone may fall in love with the activity itself of inducing needs in people, for it's very enjoyable. The more inconsistent the desire you're inducing, the nicer the sensation when you succeed.

Whatever the need you're inducing, you'll soon realize than doing it alone is impossible: enter the Corporation, the perfect body to accomplish this task.
Everyone working in the corporation needs to feel love for what they do. As leader your vision will inspire all those workers evangelizers, and the more the Corporation will succeed, the more its employees will proudly indentify with it, with a faith enabling their active participation.

The Corporation becomes way more than just a single man's dream, and the Lord rewards all the people involved in it, by forgiving them for anything their corporation does to the world.

This is the ecumenical dimension of the capitalism of dreaming together, an inclusive vision of love, where the only evil is standing alone outside the dream.


I shop therefore you are, in practice

The following video may seem hilarious to lots of naive people, but truth is: there here are much higher reasons to smile than satire, here. This is one of the practical declinations of the "I shop therefore you are" credo:


Fritzl for Nespresso's italian commercials

And you won't let anyone compromise your pleasure
Can you agree not? But in the italian adaptation of "In the name of pleasure", the new Nespresso's campaign, the commercial has gone a little step further:

It sounds even better than the original, and J. Fritzl shows his appreciation